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Villa Nocciola

Luxury holiday house with swimming pool, whirlpool, and sauna, close to…

from 230/day 19/person
per day
Haloistra - Villa Nocciola, Medulin

Medulin 12

Villa Beach

BEACHFRONT HOUSE for 6 + 2 persons, 4,000 m2, natural garden with olive…

from 229/day 29/person
per day
Haloistra - Villa Beach, Pula

Pula 8

App Lungomare 1

Located near the beach, the pearl of the Opatija Riviera.In front of the…

from 225/day 38/person
per day
Haloistra - App Lungomare 1, Opatija

Opatija 6

Villa Kati

On the outskirts of the town of Rovinj, this beautiful and modern house is…

from 221/day 37/person
per day
Haloistra - Villa Kati, Rovinj

Rovinj 6

Villa Hortensia

Elegance and comfort surrounded by the smell of lavender. Villa Hortensia…

from 214/day 21/person
per day
Haloistra - Villa Hortensia, Svetvincenat

Svetvincenat 10

Villa Vesna

Villa Vesna is a brand new, stunning country house, located in tranquil and…

from 214/day 21/person
per day
Haloistra - Villa Vesna, Svetvincenat

Svetvincenat 10

Villa Cipriana

Villa Cipriana can comfortably accommodate 10 guests in 4 bedrooms with…

from 211/day 21/person
per day
Haloistra - Villa Cipriana, Vabriga

Vabriga 10

Villa Dea

Villa Dea is luxurious yet absolutely comfortable - the interiors are…

from 210/day 21/person
per day
Haloistra - Villa Dea, Pazin

Pazin 10

Villa Teran

Villa Wine, big and luxurious 4 bedroom villa with its own pool, sauna,…

from 206/day 26/person
per day
Haloistra - Villa Teran, Pazin

Pazin 8

Villa Fritaja

Charming villa with private pool and a golf range is the perfect solution…

from 200/day 20/person
per day
Haloistra - Villa Fritaja, Pazin

Pazin 10

Lighthouse Crna Punta

Luxury Lighthouse Crna PuntaThe lighthouse was built in 1873. on the…

from 200/day 25/person
per day
Haloistra - Lighthouse Crna Punta, Labin

Labin 8

Villa Lipa

The unique combination of modern appliances, beautifully decorated interior…

from 199/day 25/person
per day
Haloistra - Villa Lipa, Marcana

Marcana 8

Villa Rossa

Villa Rossa is a newly built high class modern villa for the season of…

from 190/day 21/person
per day
Haloistra - Villa Rossa, Pazin

Pazin 9

Villa Exclusive

Welcome to Villa Exclusive, a luxury authentic Istrian house with a…

from 188/day 19/person
per day
Haloistra - Villa Exclusive, Liznjan

Liznjan 10

Villa Livia

Villa Livia offers ideal vacation. Istrian stone villa with an outdoor…

from 186/day 21/person
per day
Haloistra - Villa Livia, Buzet

Buzet 9

Villa Donna

Villa Donna is a comfortable holiday home with a swimming pool, whirlpool…

from 185/day 15/person
per day
Haloistra - Villa Donna, Liznjan

Liznjan 12

Villa Camelia

Villa Camellia, luxurious modern villa, away from the sea 1 km.It can…

from 184/day 31/person
per day
Haloistra - Villa Camelia, Vabriga

Vabriga 6

Villa Candida

Villa Candida, luxurious modern villa is spread over two floors. On the…

from 184/day 31/person
per day
Haloistra - Villa Candida, Tar

Tar 6

Villa Ginevra

Villa Ginevra, compound unforgettable holiday and total relaxation!The…

from 178/day 22/person
per day
Haloistra - Villa Ginevra, Vabriga

Vabriga 8

Villa Imperia

In the peaceful Istrian village, near the medieval town Svetvincenat, which…

from 175/day 18/person
per day
Haloistra - Villa Imperia, Svetvincenat

Svetvincenat 10