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Villa L'Amour

 Beautiful villa L'Amour in the picturesque village near Vodnjan, spreads…

from 173/day 22/person
per day
Haloistra - Villa L'Amour, Vodnjan

Vodnjan 8

Villa Moderna

Villa Moderna, ideal for families and people who wants to runaway from city…

from 171/day 12/person
per day
Haloistra - Villa Moderna, Marcana

Marcana 14

Villa Ines

Villa Ines is a modern American-style villa for 8 people. Two bedrooms with…

from 171/day 21/person
per day
Haloistra - Villa Ines, Rabac

Rabac 8

Villa Mediterranea

Villa Mediterranea is modernly furnished, newly built holiday villa…

from 171/day 17/person
per day
Haloistra - Villa Mediterranea, Svetvincenat

Svetvincenat 10

Dvori na Brigu

New house built of quarry stone and brick in traditional Istrian style.…

from 168/day 14/person
per day
Haloistra - Dvori na Brigu, Pazin

Pazin 12

Villa Allegra

The unique experience of relaxation and luxury in a modern villa where are…

from 168/day 21/person
per day
Haloistra - Villa Allegra, Vabriga

Vabriga 8

Villa Sparuga

Rustic villa with pool for accommodation 6-8 people.Guests have access to…

from 166/day 21/person
per day
Haloistra - Villa Sparuga, Pazin

Pazin 8

Villa Skuta

Rustic villa with pool near Pazin for accommodation 6-8 people.It has three…

from 166/day 21/person
per day
Haloistra - Villa  Skuta, Pazin

Pazin 8

Villa Bliss 1

Villa Bliss 1, a sophisticated holiday house located in the heart of…

from 161/day 18/person
per day
Haloistra - Villa Bliss 1, Barban

Barban 9

Lighthouse Marlera

Marlera Lighthouse - Luxury accommodation few steps from seaThe lighthouse…

from 160/day 20/person
per day
Haloistra - Lighthouse Marlera, Liznjan

Liznjan 8

Lighthouse Verudica

Verudica Lighthouse, built in 1877 and renovated in 2012, is located only 4…

from 160/day 27/person
per day
Haloistra - Lighthouse Verudica, Pula

Pula 6

Villa Rita

In a small Istrian town called Kaštelir, situated on a small hill…

from 158/day 16/person
per day
Haloistra - Villa Rita, Kastelir-Labinci

Kastelir-Labinci 10

Villa Bliss 5

Villa Bliss 5 (10 guests, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, sauna) is at the heart…

from 158/day 16/person
per day
Haloistra - Villa Bliss 5, Barban

Barban 10

Villa Horizont

Beautiful rustic house in flowers for 4 people located in a secluded area,…

from 156/day 31/person
per day
Haloistra - Villa Horizont, Roc

Roc 5

Villa Bliss 9

Villa Bliss 9 (10 guests, 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms) is at the heart of…

from 153/day 15/person
per day
Haloistra - Villa Bliss 9, Barban

Barban 10

Villa Mare

Villa Mare is a new and modern summer residence of 200m2 ideal for 6-7…

from 151/day 22/person
per day
Haloistra - Villa Mare, Marcana

Marcana 7

Villa Ex Tempore

Villa Ex Tempore is placed in a remote location surrounded with green…

from 151/day 38/person
per day
Haloistra - Villa Ex Tempore, Buje

Buje 4

Villa Gratia

Villa Gratia is located in a small village of Slivari, near the town of…

from 150/day 19/person
per day
Haloistra - Villa  Gratia, Zminj

Zminj 8

Villa Luna

350 meters away from the beach, Villa Luna in Porec can accommodate up to…

from 150/day 14/person
per day
Haloistra - Villa Luna, Porec

Porec 11

Villa Caterina

Charming villa in central Istria, surrounded by greenery, 25 km from the…

from 148/day 16/person
per day
Haloistra - Villa Caterina, Pazin

Pazin 9